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Nolwazi Abangane Projects (Pty)Ltd

Improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy!
About Us

Nolwazi Abangane Projects is Africa’s leader in inspection, audit and repair services of all your racking, shelving, and mezzanine floors. Our assessment ensures the reliability, functionality, safety and integrity of your storage handling systems.

The everyday wear and tear from warehouse operations ultimately increase the structural stress levels of your storage handling equipment. This affects the structural integrity and load bearing capacity, making your storage handling equipment potentially unsafe. That’s why regular assessment is essential.  Our reliable storage handling equipment inspection, audit and repair services help you to ensure that your storage handling equipment is safe to use and capable of providing the highest levels of productivity in your warehouse.

We also have the expertise to install, dismantle, and relocating of your storage handling equipment. 
We can help you:

  1. Identify and report problems before they become serious.

  2. Confirm the safety, integrity and reliability of your storage handling equipment.

  3. Minimise the risk of workplace accidents or storage handling equipment collapsing.

  4. Ensure worker safety and prevent injury, loss of life, heavy fines, compensation claims, legal actions, and insurance claims (not paying out) as a result of faulty storage handling equipment.

  5. Maintain safety standards and comply with international standards.

Our Expertise & Standards

As Africa’s leader in storage handling equipment inspection, audit and repair services, we offer you unrivalled expertise, ensuring the reliability and safety of all your storage handling equipment.

All inspections are carried out according to European Standards EN15512, EN15620, EN15635, EN15878, SEMA, and ASIB.
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