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Galvanised Bolted Shelving

For years now, galvanised shelving has proved to be a popular choice for many business environments. Thanks to its zinc coating, galvanized steel does not rust, giving it an advantage over standard steel and iron shelving. This makes galvanised shelves ideal for environments where condensation may be generated, such as cold rooms for medicinal or food storage. As these rooms would likely be used on a regular basis, warm air would mix with the cold and create condensation, which could cause rust over time.

Our range of galvanised shelving is available in a selection of different structures. We have more basic medium duty styles which are ideal for most business requirements.

No matter what you intend to place on your galvanised shelves, you can be sure they are reliably sturdy and strong. As long as you do not exceed the maximum weight for each shelf, your unit will serve as a great storage solution. We pride ourselves on using the best quality materials while still being able to provide you with affordable prices.

As with many of our shelving units, our galvanised shelves can be used in conjunction with a number of accessories. These include bay connectors, which allow you to join two or more units together. Using these creates entire rows of storage space, whether side by side or back to back. This allows you to maximize the amount of space available, while creating an unbeatable storage solution.
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Gondola Shelving

A gondola shelving is a freestanding fixture used by retailers to display merchandise. Gondolas typically consist of a flat base and a vertical component featuring notches, pegboards, or slatwalls. The vertical piece can be fitted with shelves, hooks, or other displays.

Gondolas placed end-to-end can form rows of shelving while stand-alone gondolas tend to be used for special themed displays. A gondola placed perpendicular to the end of a row of other gondolas can be used as an endcap. Gondola normally refers to double sided shop shelving.
Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving units are special storage units that are designed to increase the storage capacity of an office or warehouse. They are movable filing cabinets that are a big asset for office filing systems. For an office or warehouse, it is extremely essential to make the best use of the available storage space. By using these mobile shelves, businesses can effectively store all their files, folders and other items with ease.

Generally, mobile shelving units provide nearly a 50% reduction of the overall floor space. Moreover, these storage units can also increase the storage space by about 50% to 100% compared to the conventional filing cabinets. Mobile shelving is available in a couple of different sizes, please let us know what your requirements are and we will do our best to find you the solution that fits your requirements best.

So, if you are looking to maximize your available storage space, these shelving units are the best choice.
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